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Profile Senior Completion/Drilling Engineering Specialist

We currently seek a Senior Completion/Drilling Engineering Specialist for one of our clients.

The Senior Completion/Drilling Engineering Specialist has the objective to support in optimizing reservoir performance by utilizing his Completion/Drilling Engineering technical knowledge, experience and network. The ultimate objective is to set a strong base for a sustainable production level for the coming 20 years and to be prepared for opportunities coming from Appraisal, EOR/IOR and Exploration projects.

Key activities, roles and responsibilities:

  • The Senior Completion/Drilling Engineering Specialist assesses the technical ability of the Production Engineering geoscientists and proposes development plans on technical levels;
  • The Senior Completion/Drilling Engineering Specialist is responsible to identify and implement Completion/Drilling Engineering technologies, methodologies and techniques to ensure a prudent and sustainable development and recovery of the reservoirs to guarantee a sustainable production;
  • He/She will provide supervision and guidance during implementation of new technologies, methodologies and techniques to the Completion/Drilling Engineering geo-scientists;
  • The Senior Completion/Drilling Engineering Specialist fulfills the center role to provide technical support to the Production Engineer geo-science group regarding Integrated Reservoir Management. In doing so, he will be an important sounding board to this group;
  • The Senior Completion/Drilling Engineering Specialist will support in assessing the possible projects and will provide feedback so that the projects, studies and the budgets are alignment with the strategy, commitments and goals of the organization;
  • Monitoring of quality & compliance with regulatory requirements, company directives and International Standards;
  • Manage the quality of the individual RMT project deliverables, milestones, targets and budget;
  • He will support the Reservoir Management Manager in setting up and realization of the annual work program and associated budget;
  • Is responsible to provide overall advice to the Reservoir Management Manager regarding strategic matters;
  • Report and escalate issues to the Reservoir Management Manager if needed;
  • Can act as project coordinator if needed.

Requirements Senior Completion/Drilling Engineering Specialist

  • A minimum of ten 10 - 15 years relevant experience in the oil & gas sector in the Completion/Drilling Engineering domain;
  • Extended network in oil & gas sector specifically in Completion/Drilling Engineering;
  • A minimum ten 5 years as a member of an Integrated Reservoir Management team;
  • Educational background in Completion/Drilling Engineering;
  • Experience in strategic planning, change management;
  • Experience in Strategic and tactical planning;
  • Member of international scientific organizations (SPE, etc.);
  • Excellence in various disciplines of Completion/Drilling Engineering;
  • Technical excellence in Completion/Drilling Engineering related to Integrated Reservoir Management;
  • Significant and recent exposure to Integrated Reservoir Management;
  • Strong leadership in safety and environmental awareness;
  • Strong influencing skills with the ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-diciplinary environment;
  • An ability to think and act conceptual;
  • Proven operational, personnel motivational, planning & coordination skills;
  • Possess a strong drive for continuous improvement;
  • An ability to communicate with and to motivate both companies and contract personnel;
  • Computer proficiency in geo-technical application software;
  • Willingness to openly discuss and adept at working through problems;
  • Excellent interpersonal & communication skills;
  • A team player working within Multi Discipline Teams with the main ability to manage effective communication and solutions with such a team;
  • A team player who can work well and be respected by, Geo-scientists, Engineers and service company personnel;
  • Self-starter requiring little to no direct guidance;
  • Excellent judgment and decision making ability regarding both technical and personnel matters;
  • Ability to review reservoir performance and make recommendations to management on the adoption of new methodologies to improve reservoir performance.


  • Conceptual thinking;
  • Team player;
  • Critical thinking and problem solving;
  • Strong coaching skills;
  • Excellent decision-making and leadership capabilities;
  • Analytical and strong organizational skills, with excellent verbal and written ability;
  • Adaptability;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

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