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Profile Furnace Internals Designer

We currently seek a Furnace Internals Designer for one of our clients.

As Furnace Internals Designer you perform all furnace internals design activities related to 3D modeling (as required) and preparing 2D drawings. You assist other engineering disciplines with preparing 2D drawings. You support / assist other Furnace Internals Designers with the performance of their assignments. You support / assist the (Sr.) Furnace Internals Engineer in any activity at his request.

Specific Tasks
  • Incorporate Customer technical requirements in project related furnace internals standards and drawings.
  • Perform 3D modeling (as required) and prepare 2D drawings for furnace internals piping systems and associated items, such as radiant coils, convection coils and tube sheets, X-over piping systems, refractory lined header, spring supports etc.
  • Ensure 3D modeling (as required) is executed properly and completed without clashes.
  • Assist the (Sr.) Furnace Internals Engineer to ensure the quality of the furnace internals piping design by performing regular model reviews.
  • Assist the (Sr.) Furnace Internals Engineer in coordinating furnace internals related design issues with other engineering disciplines.
  • Assist the (Sr.) Furnace Internals Engineer in preparing furnace internals related MTO’s.
  • Assist the (Sr.) Furnace Internals Engineer in Vendor document review to check suitability of the detailed design.
  • Assist the (Sr.) Furnace Internals Engineer in review detailed design drawings prepared by third parties.
  • Use the available design review checklists.
  • Incorporate lessons learned (Quality Deviation Lists, Quality Improvement Points).


  • Frequently contact with various other engineering disciplines.

Requirements Furnace Internals Designer

Education and Experience:
  • Education Technical College or BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Work experience
  • Min. 5 years in similar function.
  • Understanding the constraints of designing (high alloy) piping systems exposed to high temperatures and operating in the creep zone.
  • Knowledge of applying 3D modeling software, such as PDS Frameworks and 2D drafting software, such as Autocad or Microstation. Language English, (Dutch), (German)
Departmental competences:
  • Information Processing: Is able to collect, absorb, put in order and process information.
  • Accuracy: Is able to execute tasks with a high level of accuracy. Processes data and/or performs actions with a high level of precision.
  • Flexibility: Is able to change their own behavior when chances or problems arise in order to reach a goal.
Job related competences:
  • Judgment: Is able to analyze data and possible ways to handle, seen in the light of relevant criteria, and make realistic judgments.
  • Ability to work with details: Is able to cope effectively with detailed information for extended periods.
  • Listening Is able to pick up important verbal information by asking questions. Responds to reactions.
General competences:
  • Teamwork: Is able to execute a task in a team; contributes to the group harmony and to maximize commitment of the members for the group goal, if needed to the expense of his/her own short term interests.
  • Quality awareness: Is aware that the delivered product must comply with defined demands, norms and priorities and acts upon these. Takes responsibility for the realized level of quality. Aims for continuous quality improvement.
  • Result orientated: Is able to work result- and goal orientated, where also possible interesting sidesteps are used. States results clearly and the way by which they can be reached.

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