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We currently seek for a Commissioning Engineer for one of our clients.

General tasks
Is aware and cares for Health, Safety & Environmental aspects during daily actions, and drives HSE performance throughout project and or internal/ external services activities.
• Supervision of the overall commissioning and start-up work with regard to safety, progress, quality and cost.
• Representing the company as their authority in the field.
• Maintaining liaison and good relations between client, home office and site.
• Ensure safe work methods are applied by subcontractors to achieve the company's HSE targets:
- ZERO Incidents;
- Minimize the environmental impact of our activities;
- Eliminate short and long term health threats.
• Adequate reporting to home office.
• Full site administration and cost control.

Specific Tasks
• Manage and lead the Site team.
• Chair progress meetings with client.
• Issue written instructions to operation team and client operators.
• Check & control the work planning and physical progress.
• Supervise site safety and liaise with client’s safety representatives.
• Assist and participate in incident investigations.
• Supervise timely preparation of final documentation.
- Operator training
- Ready for start-up, performance test and run length test
• Issue bi-monthly progress reports to home office.
• Issue a daily highlight report (bullet-wise).

Requirements Commissioning Engineer

• Master or BSc degree - chemical technology process techniques
• 5 years work experience
• Language English; preferably 1 or 2 other foreign languages Interfaces

Departmental competences:
• Information Processing: Is able to collect, absorb, put in order and process information.
• Organizational Ability: Is able to tune tasks of oneself (and others) and to put them in order, so that targets are realized in an efficient and effective way.
• Adaptability: Is able to act efficiently by adapting to new or changed work environment, tasks and responsibilities or people. Is able to get familiar with new fields of work.

Job related competences:
• Accuracy: Is able to execute tasks with a high level of accuracy. Processes data and/or performs actions with a high level of precision.
• Enthusiasm: Is able to motivate and stimulate others. Passes on his/her own positive attitude to others. Deals effectively with reluctance to change.
• Flexibility: Is able to change their own behavior when chances or problems arise in order to reach a goal.

General competences:
• Teamwork: Is able to execute a task in a team; contributes to the group harmony and to maximize commitment of the members for the group goal, if
needed to the expense of his/her own short term interests.
• Quality awareness: Is aware that the delivered product must comply with defined demands, norms and priorities and acts upon these. Takes
responsibility for the realized level of quality. Aims for continuous quality improvement.
• Result orientated: Is able to work result- and goal orientated, where also possible interesting sidesteps are used. States results clearly and the way by
which they can be reached.

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