Code of conduct

Mansource uses the following code of conduct in its work:

Towards employer

The information you posted to us about your organization will be treated confidentially and recorded.

Providing information about your organization to third parties will only happen with your permission. We shall gladly work with you to ensure that every candidate receives a fair chance of getting an appointment and that each candidate is carefully informed about the (interim) job with clarity as to the procedure, the interpretation of the (interim) vacancy connected.

We take all due care in providing you with profiles of (interim) professionals. Thus, data of (interim) professionals will only be presented to you after we personally spoke with the (interim) professionals and after the (interim) professional has given permission to send their data to you for consideration.

Towards professional

Your personal information will be treated and recorded confidentially. Providing your personal data to third parties shall only occur with your permission. Together with our clients we will ensure that you have a fair chance of getting an appointment, that you are closely informed about the vacancy with clarity about the procedure.

We take all possible care in informing you about the status of the vacancy on the website. We are not responsible for the availability of any vacancy on the website listed. We take all due care when submitting jobs, projects or temporary assignments to you.

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